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About Athena

The Athena Global school is located in a beautiful and serene environment at the outskirts of famous Chidambaram city, where we offer a very happy, innovative and stimulating learning environment for children. We are affiliated to CBSE and follow CBSE pattern of syllabus for wholesome education. Our whole focus is on building the foundation of skills and successes which motivate and enable young children to continue their learning.

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  • Respected sir,
    How are you sir? I have completed all my board examinations in a very good manner sir. I have done all well sir. First, I want to thank you and GR trust management for providing me with an world class educational experience in Athena global school. Today my name is recognized among many people in the society as a good, bold, studious and obedient student of Athena. As Athena gave me enormous number of chances to represent my talent before everyone sir. They made me to realize the real talent and creativity in me sir. Now, I am able to go and talk to anyone or before everyone boldly with a fluent English sir. Truely, before entering Athena I hardly know to speak few sentences in English sir. I will go and hide if my teachers calls out my name for story telling competition. Athena made me possible to grow my leadership skills and English fluency sir. I am one of the proud student passing out from athena sir. I will mark my steps in this world and return back one day to athena as a Nobel alumni of HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL,USA. I came to Athena on 29.06.2012 as a earthern clay. The school moulded me, gave me a shape, also gave me life to benefit many sir. That was an wonderful learning experience in athena for past 4 years sir. I am not feeling sad to pass out sir. But, I am proud enough that athena is sending me with a great pleasure to serve millions across the world. Thank you sir for giving me a chance to hold the mike, to hold our school flag as ASPL, to hold certificates and medals, and in future to hold a stethoscope in hand. Once again I thank you sir, our school teaching staffs who taught me from 2012-2016, our principals, other non teaching staffs and more importantly the school's excellent atmosphere and infrastructure. Thank you sir.

    Yours truely and obediently,
    2 and batch student of athena


    - Pavithra Sakthipriya

    - Grade X 2015-16

  • Respected sir/madam,
    Greetings from the parents of Anantha Murthy(VII B) and Narayana Murthy (IV B).
    I am sure you would appreciate  Anantha Murthy for getting Gold Medals in NCO and IEO,Silver medal in IMO and Bronze Medal in NSO. And in the second level of NCO he has secured 22nd rank in the state which needs special attention  from the school.
    Great appreciation Is due to all the teachers who handled classes for VII standard. Kiruthika madam for effectively handling English with lot of work sheets,repeated tests and grammar. She compensated for all that was not taught in VI standard.Special mention should be made about Uma Mageshwari Madam for creating interest in the subject Mathematics  with clear explanation of the concepts including 6th Portions.Shirley madam taught Science so well and completely finished record and lab kit.Hindi madam Chandra kanthi has given proper foundation in Hindi and Asha madam has done very well as for as Social studies.I   thank you very much sir for allotting such a good bunch of teachers for VII STD which was not the case in the previous academic year. I would be too happy if same or similar  set of teachers are allotted for VIII standard also.
    Sir,I wish to to bring to your kind attention that Newspaper is not given regularly and more books can be issued from the library. As a well-wisher of the school I have given a feedback to you sir.l hope you act positively on the above suggestions.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Vijaya Srinivasan.


    - Vijaya Srinivasan mother of Masters Anantha Murthy(VII B) and Narayana Murthy (IV B)

    - Grade X 2015-16

  • Excellent experience and gained so much at confident and leadership quality. Family atmosphere really we miss this school very much.


    - Sambandam.K

    - Grade X Parent 2014-2015 .

  • She is exposed in  her studies. If higher secondary & hostel facility is available we won’t join  anywhere


    - Gokul Rajan.R

    - Grade X Parent 2014-2015 .

  • Good coaching by all teachers. Thanks to all teachers who made my daughter to score good marks.


    - Ethirajalu.N

    - Grade X Parent 2014-2015 .